COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 Info

As of March 22nd 2020 The Ministry of Health have advised that all non-essential dental care should be ceased immediately.

This means, for now, all orthodontic appointments are cancelled and our practice is temporarily closed. We want to ensure safety of you and your family.

We thought we would answer a few questions :

What does this mean for my treatment?
We are fortunate that orthodontics treatment, as a rule, continues while you are away from the practice.
You will still achieve a great result, however it may take a little longer.
We will be in contact at a later date with regard to treatment progress and how we plan to proceed.

What if I have an emergency?
Fortunately, as you may be aware, there are very few orthodontic emergencies.
As is our practice protocol, emergencies outside of practice hours or when no orthodontist is at the practice, should contact an emergency dentist for relief.
If a bracket has come off, just hold tight, unless it is causing pain or ulceration.
If you have any major queries, please email or

What if I have had extractions and I’m due to have my braces placed?
Extractions undertaken before the practice closure, should not affect your treatment.
Rest assured you are at the top of the list to be seen, as are our patients who were booked to have braces removed!
We will be in contact at the appropriate time.

What if I run out of elastics?
At this stage do not worry.
If you have any concerns please email as above.

What if I had a treatment consultation scheduled?
We are considering remote consults.
We will be in contact at the appropriate time.

For any pressing concerns or emergencies please contact : or