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Orthodontics is a branch of Dentistry which specialises in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems in the alignment and bite of the teeth and jaws. 

Orthodontic treatment involves the use of corrective appliances (removable plates for very simple problems, fixed appliances (braces, expanders) or Invisalign for more complex problems, and even surgery in conjunction with orthodontics for the most severe problems, to bring the teeth and jaws into the best relationship possible. 

We are dedicated to the best possible result for each of our patients. By working together, this can be attained in a positive and rewarding manner. Understanding and cooperation are essential for the results that both the patient and Orthodontist seek.

More than any other branch of dentistry, Orthodontics is a partnership between the patient/parents and the Orthodontic team.

We believe in great communication. Time may always be scheduled for discussion with regard to any aspect of treatment or other issues which may affect treatment.

Although we prefer to avoid more than one episode of treatment, certain cases do require two phases of treatment.

There are different types of braces.

Metal braces which are made from high grade stainless steel are the most common braces. The wire is attached to the braces with rubber ties that come in a huge variety of colours for fun! Alternatively, for the more conscious patient we have tooth-coloured braces which are more subtle. We utilise state of the art archwires and techniques available. We also offer Invisalign clear aligner treatment.


Orthodontic treatment takes some time, averaging approximately 24 months for active treatment. Adult treatment time is generally longer. The length of Orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of the problem, the patient’s growth and the level of cooperation. More severe problems take longer and require more cooperation.

The retention phase of treatment or follow-up is for a further year at the minimum, although we advise longterm (life) retention.

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Almost all treatments go as planned, results are guaranteed with lomngterm retention and to achieve the best possible result, patients must adhere to the recommended treatment plan and be fully committed to doing their part both during the active and retention phases of treatment.

The mouth is very sensitive and the introduction of any appliance means a period of adjustment must be expected.

Occasional discomfort may be experienced after the adjustment of braces or plates. The level of discomfort varies widely but most can be remedied by over-the-counter remedies.

Care of appliances is paramount and is discussed further
in Brace Yourself.

The amount of time spent with the Orthodontist is only a fraction of overall treatment time. The Orthodontist is responsible for planning, coordinating and initiating tooth movements. The actual movement of the teeth takes place continuously during normal activities between your visits.

Cooperation of patients (parents) is therefore essential and means:

  • Keeping all appointments as scheduled
  • Wearing all appliances, elastics, retainers etc as instructed
  • Avoiding activities and foods that could damage or dislodge appliances
  • Maintaining excellent oral hygiene
  • Maintaining a good balanced diet
  • Attending your Dentist or School Dental Therapist regularly during treatment

Treatment Fees

Fees for Orthodontic treatment are determined by the severity of the case and the type of treatment necessary for correction.

All fees will be discussed prior to treatment.

Fees can be paid in full at the commencement of treatment. However, we have alternative payment plans available, including monthly automatic payments interest free.

Monthly instalments do not directly relate to work done during that particular period but are a means of dividing the costs into smaller components and are purely done for your benefit.