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Longterm retention wear is essential to ensure a lifetime of perfectly straight teeth.

Following the completion of active treatment, teeth have a tendency to ‘rebound’ toward their original positions. The more severe the original problem, the greater the tendency for the teeth to revert.

Retention refers to the wearing of any appliance that holds the teeth in their new positions and therefore, follows on from active treatment.

Invisalign's Vivera retainers are our retainer of choice as they are the best fit and strongest full coverage clear retainers. Although an additional fee, these retainers come is sets of three upper and three lower retainers - six retainers in total.

Successful retention is dependent on the cooperation of the patient by wearing retainers, ultimately 3-4 nights longterm.


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A great deal of research has proven that just as your face changes with age, so your teeth will shift with age. This is true for everyone, regardless of whether they have had Orthodontic treatment or not, and is especially true for the lower front teeth.

Even if you completed treatment some time ago, please contact the clinic for new retainers if necessary.  Fees will be incurred for new retainers if requested.